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Working with us

A responsive team

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly assemble the optimal team to support your requirements. The breadth of our experience, complemented by the depth of our associate pool, enables us to continually provide you with the best practitioners as projects evolve.

We approach each engagement as a team. We have years of experience working closely together, we understand each others’ ways of working and have learned from each other over the years. We ensure the right level of resource and skill set are partnered with your needs to ensure success and the outcomes you require.

Flexible engagement model

We work hard to implement a model which focuses on the most efficient use of resources. We are an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, that hits the ground running – meaning we spend less time upskilling and more time delivering for you.

Whether you are looking for a short hourly arrangement or a more extensive engagement over a number of months, we are flexible and well positioned to meet the ever-changing, multifaceted challenges of today’s asset management industry.

Regardless of your challenge, we are ready and motivated to help you deliver.

Our leadership team

Managing Partner

Simba Mamboininga

Simba is a co-founder of Devlin Mambo and leads our Transformation advisory and implementation practice. 

A highly experienced practitioner, Simba understands the challenges faced by firms in serving the needs of their clients, whilst also meeting their strategic and regulatory objectives. He brings a strategic lens to planning and has an enviable track record in successfully delivering complex transformation initiatives.

Simba has a particular interest in the Fintech industry and has an eye for identifying opportunities for technology synergies. He has a keen regard for the increasing adoption of ESG principles in the market, participates on industry forums and is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace.

We focus on integrity and have a passionate belief in the importance of building relationships based on mutual trust.

Managing Partner

Graeme Devlin

Graeme is a co-founder of Devlin Mambo and leads our Product & Distribution and Compliance & Governance practices.

Graeme excels in the areas of Strategy, Product, and Distribution within an asset management context. He has a strong focus on Compliance and Governance and his moral compass always ensures the end consumer is properly considered.

Graeme thrives on the challenge of delivering practical solutions to complex industry problems and encourages active exchanges with industry peers. To this effect, he hosts several forums to bring firms together to collectively debate and consider new initiatives and industry issues.

Our strong team of practitioners, from a variety of backgrounds and with complementary skillsets, is the catalyst to the innovative thinking on which we pride ourselves.


Cathy Husband

Cathy is responsible for our Finance proposition and provides a Finance lens to all our client initiatives

Cathy has extensive technical and regulatory financial reporting knowledge and can assist with all aspects of internal and external financial reporting. Her experience ensures the most efficient, informative, and compliant outcome for our clients. Cathy is highly adept at preparing and implementing ICARA and wind down plans and brings a truly firm-specific focus to assessing the relevant risks and considerations of each project. She has been involved in implementing new accounting standards and regulations as well as implementing new ledgers and financial systems and provides a financial, strategic, and operational view of their impact. Cathy has also led the finance team on a number of merger and acquisitions and has extensive due diligence experience. 

What sets us apart at Devlin Mambo is our industry experience, knowledge, and history of working closely together, as well as the way we use this, both internally and externally, to provide our clients with fully developed solutions.

Board Advisor

Andrew Milligan

Andrew brings significant executive experience of asset management businesses and is renowned for his market insight.

Andrew has significant industry knowledge and senior experience at a FTSE 100 asset management company, he brings a strategic lens, considered direction and effective challenge to the Devlin Mambo Board.

Andrew has held an array of positions within financial services, including international economist, asset allocator and chief investment strategist, guiding fund managers and their clients globally as they took investment decisions. Andrew is an accomplished public speaker, writer, independent trustee, and continues his work for the Society of Professional Economists as a Fellow and Council member.

In my Adviser Role at Devlin Mambo I look forward to challenging the leadership team to responsibly grow, whilst maintaining the high standards the client base receive.

Delivering a 360° service to the asset management industry

Devlin Mambo

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