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Our Core Services


An in-depth understanding of the business environment and an ability to predict future market scenarios is key to setting a firm’s strategic objectives. Being able to anticipate challenges, whilst identifying potential opportunities that may arise from them, are central to a robust corporate structure and plan.

Capitalising on Technology

Whilst the growth in FinTech is presenting opportunities to provide new products and create efficient business models, the sheer number of FinTech companies and the rapid growth of propositions available can be daunting. Therefore, having clarity in your strategic objectives and how your business operates, is fundamental to selecting the right technology to support your business aspirations. The market’s drive towards digitisation, establishing effective enterprise data solutions and the focus on ESG integration is further fuelling demand for effective FinTech solutions.

Diversification and Synergies

Where firms are targeting new markets, M&A considerations need to address whether the combination of complementary products and services will result in additional value for investors.

Increasingly, firms are looking to create synergies by simplifying their business models or lowering their costs through supplier and product rationalisation.

Industry Transformation Challenges

Delivering transformation initiatives at pace remains a big challenge for the industry. Several factors are at play, including:

  • Lack of understanding of the likely client impact, how the business works and the regulatory environment
  • Inadequate due diligence meaning firms are unclear on focus areas and so planning and implementation approaches are often misaligned
  • Poor leadership and inexperienced resources in key roles leading to sub-optimal decision making
  • Governance deficiencies characterised by substandard reporting, lack of effective collaboration between teams and poor communication.

Why partner with Devlin Mambo in your transformation journey

We believe your transformation should have a lasting effect and create long-term value for you and your clients. Our team is passionate about partnering with you to really bring your transformation journey to life.

  • From product inception right through to completion, we have extensive experience and understanding of how the industry works, the challenges it faces, the opportunities available and the regulatory environment
  • We understand the impact of transformation on existing client relationships, distribution activities, your staff, and your suppliers
  • We bring strong leadership, planning and decision-making abilities that span your entire organisation
  • We are experienced in delivering complex transformation initiatives across numerous products, stakeholders, and platforms
  • We keep our finger on the pulse of developments within the FinTech sector, which enables us to compare and contrast capabilities between firms and to advise you accordingly
  • We focus on client outcomes, ensuring project teams are fully briefed, aligned and engaged at all stages of the project
  • We are well versed in navigating cultural differences, which can be inhibitors to effective and lasting change.

Our Transformation Offering

  • Strategic Partnership due diligence solutions
  • Request for Proposal (RfP) service
  • ESG data analytics
  • Mergers and acquisitions strategy and delivery (corporate and fund level)
  • Outsourcing and supplier rationalisation
  • Regulatory change planning and implementation
  • Business model optimisation.

Effective Transformation is about preparing your business to meet your clients future demands!

Compliance & Governance

Asset managers are under increasing pressure when tracking, implementing and adhering to a raft of new rules being implemented to meet both client and regulatory demands. Brexit will continue to cause a divergence from a well established regulatory environment both for UK firms in Europe, and also for European firms who conduct business in the UK. The ESG regulatory landscape is complex and the ongoing pipeline of regulatory development is demanding. The regulations proposed to both standardise and add rigour to the evolution of ESG are profoundly interconnected and dependent upon one another – implementation dates, however, are not aligned, presenting additional challenges for firms.

Globally, individual regulators are focusing on good governance to ensure that investors’ best interests are front of mind for Asset Managers. Examples include Assessment of Value in the UK and ESMA’s focus on the implementation of MiFID II product governance. Being able to demonstrate that decisions are made in investors’ best interests, across a firm’s governance framework, is a big challenge, but one which they must properly address and resolve.

Devlin Mambo’s Compliance and Governance practitioners will help you:

  • Understand, interpret and implement regulatory rules across the UK and Europe
  • Align your business model to the regulatory horizon
  • Provide assurance and thematic reviews to assess the strength of your control framework
  • Assess your compliance with Product Governance Rules from the MiFID II and FCA perspective
  • Design, educate and review your implementation of the Senior Manager and Certification Regime.

Ask us about our:

  • SMCR effectiveness reviews and training
  • Specialist MiFID and FCA Rule advisory service
  • Board Director and Chair training.

Product & Distribution

It is becoming increasingly complex to launch, manage and distribute products that deliver on client outcomes, whilst meeting investor and regulatory requirements globally. The asset management industry is under pressure to ensure effective governance, coupled with appropriate value to the end investor.

Devlin Mambo have an experienced team of investor-focused product and distribution experts, who can support you to deliver a robust, effective, and compliant P&D strategy.

Devlin Mambo’s team of product and distribution expert practitioners can help you:

  • Ensure your products are designed, managed, and evaluated appropriately throughout the product lifecycle
  • Deliver an efficient product process, making the most of your existing data
  • Advise on the impact of compliance requirements and future regulatory initiatives
  • Design a distribution strategy aligned to your overall business and client strategy
  • Implement an efficient governance framework for product and distribution
  • Develop your product and distribution support infrastructure: entity build, jurisdictional requirements and compliant practices.

Ask us about our:

  • FCA Assessment of Value solution: assessing and developing your process methodology and governance aligned to the FCA and client requirements
  • Distribution Governance framework toolkit: developing policy, framework and processes to meet the FCA and MiFID II distribution governance requirements
  • Product and Entity board training: ensuring your boards are equipped to deliver the best outcomes for your investors
  • Distribution and Marketing Compliance service: ensuring your domestic and cross-border distribution activity is compliant for your products and entities.

In order to succeed a firm needs to consider its risks and strategy when defining its goals, whilst ensuring it has enough cash flow to realise them.


The financial reporting landscape is broad and subject to extensive change, brought about by new accounting standards and increasing regulatory requirements. The FCA is currently focusing on investment firms, in particular IFPR regulations, and is aiming to better align risk monitoring and capital planning with specific investment firms' structures and strategies. 

Firms are continuously considering their internal management reporting, to ensure it is strategically focused and provides management with the information they need to make the best decisions for firms and their clients. Companies are also required to prepare their own internal view on appropriate levels of capital reserves to hold in order to protect clients and the wider market. 

Devlin Mambo have significant experience in all aspects of internal and external financial reporting, including the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the ICARA, wind down and risk management process. We can partner with you to provide advice on best practice and ensure you have in place a robust and future-ready framework. 

We are here to help you:

  • Ensure your internal management reporting provides the right information to inform executives in their strategic decision making;
  • Deliver periodic financial reporting to the regulator, clients and investors in an efficient, timely and compliant manner;
  • Consider the impact of financial reporting requirements and future regulatory initiatives on you and your clients;
  • Assist with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the ICARA, wind down and risk management process.

Ask us about our:

  • FCA regulatory reporting checklists
  • Internal financial management reporting templates
  • ICARA and wind down guidelines

Delivering a 360° service to the asset management industry

Devlin Mambo

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