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Press Release: DM ESG Solutions Watch successfully launched

ESG Solution clarity is here!

Devlin Mambo are delighted to share that we have launched our ESG Solutions Watch.

The ESG Solutions Watch provides an efficient way of keeping track of all the key developments in this dynamic ESG solutions market. We want to simplify your reading experience and save you time.
The ESG Solutions Watch consists of four sections covering:
1.     Data and Technology product features.
2.     A spotlight article on a pertinent topic.
3.     Key market insights.
4.     Current and upcoming global regulations, and some of the solutions available to address these regulations.
Our first issues covers both niche and large data providers, and it also features ESG fintech firms that are gaining prominence for offering compelling solutions. The publication is sponsored, meaning we can provide it to you for free.

To gain access, please complete the 30 second registration to access the publication using the following link:


A massive thanks to our ESG solutions partners who also identify the industry benefits of this publication, and our dedicated team who have worked brilliantly with the team at Connect to make this happen.

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